Bacterial vaginosis - a gynecological disease. Characterized by abnormal secretions of the genital organs in the absence of inflammatory cells and pathogens in the vaginal secretions. Often regarded as disbaktorioz vagina (combined with intestinal dysbiosis), which is due to hormonal, immune changes in the body, the irrational use of antibiotics. When vaginitis increases the number of microorganisms in the vaginal secretions, sharply reduced the number of lactobacilli (normally in women of reproductive age are predominant), and dominated by opportunistic microbes anaeroby in conjunction with the microorganism, called gardnerella.

The main symptoms are: prolonged heavy grayish-white vaginal discharge, often with a sharp odor, there are also dysmenorrhea and dysuria, may itch and burning in the vulva and pain in the vagina, increasing the likelihood of developing chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, membranes and fruit (oophoritis, postpartum endometritis, intrauterine infection). Treatment is aimed at restoring the normal vaginal microflora, including by means of biological products, and tools that have antianaerobnoy activity. The most effective tool in the treatment of vaginitis is metronidazole (Flagyl).

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